Getting started with Sphinx

I really like pdoc as a great lightweight python source code documentation tool. I like to invoke it: PYTHONPATH=. pdoc --http --http-host --http-port 8888 --only-pypath I like to use ReST to format docstrings. Unfortunately I have not been able to get pdoc to display parameter lists as I would hope. (UPDATE: 20151205: pdoc will honour parameter lists created using Markdown.) So I switched to using Sphinx. It seems I am not alone in finding the Sphinx documentation hard to use. After a bit of futzing around, this recipe meets my objective of having nice documentation with the power of Sphinx but the ease of pdoc. 1. Install Sphinx. 2. Invoke sphinx-apidoc -F -o dox 3. cd to the dox directory. 4. Edit to ensure that sys.path can find the module to be document. 5. make html 6. python3 -m http.server I hope it works for you.