Android Studio up and running

My standard development environment for native Android development has been Vim and Ant.

Today I finally took the plunge and got started with Android Studio (AS).

I ported in ZipZipBooks, which is my mobile record keeping application for HMRC with a view to giving at a bit of a refresh. Didn't take too long to get it up and running on AS.

Key issues:

  1. The code for the existing project is in a Mercrurial repository. My first attempt to import the project, I went down the "Check out the project from version control" route, and chose Mercurial. Unfortunately this did not play niceley with Gradle. Instead, I found that I could instead start with the "Import Project" route. That allowed AS to convert my Ant build to Gradle.
  2. Adding library dependencies for which this answer was very helpful;
  3. I might need to get a faster/bigger/hotter/noisier laptop.
  4. Running on Windows 8, there was no need to update any drivers for the physical Android devices on which I performed testing.