A Python Christmas present

Nose is my current Python testing framework of choice.
When I'm doing TDD which is more or less all the time*, I'm capturing

logs and (shock horror) print statements and I commonly invoke nosetests in a very noisy way with the -sv switches. | A few days ago, I found myself thinking about writing an output

colourizer for nose when (gasp) it occurred to me that one might already exists. And, wonder of wonders, I was right. | I would like to introduce you to

rednose. It's nearly Christmas, the plugin (appropriately) is called 'rednose' and it represents the gift of visually interesting test results. | Rednose is easy to install, easy to invoke, and it works like a dream.

I was especially pleased with it's ability to colourize logs and stack traces. | Kudos to the developer https://github.com/timbertson.

* If I'm not doing TDD I'm researching an unfamiliar API inside an

IPython/Jupyter notebook.