update to make_sslcert.py script

#!/usr/bin/env python

A self-signed certificate generator.
"openssl genrsa" generates a private key
"openssl req" generates a certificate signing request
"openssl rsa" removes the passphrase
"openssl x509 -req" creates the certificate from the certificate signing
request and the private key with the passphrase removed.

import os

commands = [
    "openssl genrsa -des3 -out %s.key 1024" % _name,
    "openssl req -new -key %s.key -out %s.csr" % (_name,_name),
    "cp %s.key %s.key.org" % (_name,_name),
    "openssl rsa -in %s.key.org -out %s.key" % (_name,_name),
    "openssl x509 -req -in %s.csr -signkey %s.key -out %s.crt" % (_name,_name,_name)

for c in commands:

#credit to http://www.akadia.com/services/ssh_test_certificate.html where the information comes from.

#When you run this code, where it asks for Common Name or YourName, enter the name of the host eg - www.example.com or mywebserver.sales.example.com .

#See http://artins.org/ben/how-to-create-a-multihomed-certificate-with-openssl for creating one certificate to protect multiple hosts.