Qooxdoo generate.py source, source-all

Health warning - this may not be accurate but it reflects my current understanding. When you write an application in Qooxdoo, your raw code has to be referenced into a master javascript file which is loaded by the browser. You do this initially by running the generate source command. Thereafter, provided you do not refer to any new classes (either ones you have written or ones provided by qooxdoo or contributors) you may simple edit your code and refresh the browser to see your changes. No need to run generate. But if you create some new classes in your application, the master javascript file does not know about them. Therefore you need to run generate source again to update the master. Or if you decide to use some additional qooxdoo classes then again the master javascript file does not know about this change and you will need to run generate source so that it knows to include the additional qooxdoo classes. Because in writing your qooxdoo application it is much more common for you to add references to qooxdoo classes than it is to create additional classes of your own, the generate source-all command exists. This causes the master javascript file to contain references to all the qooxdoo classes whether you are currently using them or not. Thus, provided you are not writing any new classes of your own, you can in future skip the generate source command entirely. To see the effect of your code changes you need only refresh the browser. In a nutshell, the difference between source and source-all is that using source-all can save you time in development because you only need to recompile the master when you add new classes of your own. If you were not to use source-all you would need to recompile every time you made reference to a new qooxdoo class. This thread was the source of this article: http://qooxdoo.678.n2.nabble.com/v0-8-generate-py-source-to-include-even-qx-classes-tp1556404p1556404.html